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My very first "Cube Movie", watch it and have fun!
Guest star: My cube holster.
Music: Mister Ennio Morricone of course.
My second movie. It's longer and worth its 5 megabytes.
I won't do another like this anytime soon, image by image animations take ages.
Why did I make this video? Uh, I don't know ;-)
Death of a Cube
This one is spooky!
I promise no cubes were injured during the making of this movie.
My Life as a Cube
A day in the life of a cube maniac.
One flew over the Rubik's Nest
This is fun stuff, nothing to do with any real war!
Still got the Cube
You don't like the sound of your cubes? Try my special lubricant that make them sing.
Cubes in Space
The legend says Ernö Rubik invented the Rubik's Cube. Not quite true...
Cubies #2
Back by popular demand, the Cubies are still having fun
Raiders of the Lost Cube
(or how to recycle pictures from holidays in Jordan)

Experts say the cube has been invented by an ancient civilization, and rediscovered by an archeologist.
There is no Cube
The Man or the Cube, who controls who?
Geometrical computer generated images and lossly compression do not mix well. But if you want the uncompressed video, it's 900 megabytes.
Large screen and loud speakers required!

Combinatoire Flambée aux Patates
Typical French cuisine. Well, kinda...

Another Cube in the Wall
Hey, solver, leave those cubes alone!

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